Citizen's Democracy

A Participative Citizen Driven Democracy Preserving the Republic

Citizens participate in government decisions through the Initiative, Referendum & Recall processes already available in 26 states. We strive to assist grass roots movements fighting to protect, preserve and expand the I&R processes. We will continue to support writing and proposing legislation at all levels of government to include unimpeded I&R processes for the people.

How We the People, Representatives and The Initiative, Referendum, & Recall processes working together form the Citizen’s Democracy. Dedicated to expanding the will of We the People while perserving the Republic and protecting the rights of all Citizens.

 “Government of the people, by the people, for the people“.

Abraham Lincoln



In political terminology, the initiative is a process that enables citizens to bypass their state legislature by placing proposed statutes, laws, amendments and, in some states, constitutional amendments on the ballot. 

This is also known as the Ballot Initiative Process



“Referendum” is a general term which refers to a measure that appears on the ballot. There are two primary types of referenda: the legislative referendum, whereby the Legislature refers a measure to the voters for their approval, and the popular referendum, a measure that appears on the ballot as a result of a voter petition drive. 



Recall is a procedure that allows citizens to remove and replace a public official before the end of a term of office. Recall differs from another method for removing officials from office – impeachment – in that it is a political device while impeachment is a legal process.


In a “perfect” democracy the “will of the people” through “popular vote” is paramount. Our forefathers were presented with a dilemma when forming our system of democracy

1. How to avoid the tyranny of an oppressive government and insure the rights of ALL people in our new world.

2. How to avoid the majority abuse of minority rights, NOT minority “will”, minority rights as outlined in the founding documents.

These two questions have plagues our government system since the formation of this amazing nation, for one reason and one only! 

Control of the wealth of a country.

These are the reasons the following statements are true of BOTH Representative and Direct Democratic forms of governing:

Just stating that Direct Democracy is “mob rule” does not mean Representative Democracy is not.

Weather the ruling mob is the majority or a minority is irrelevant. Representative Democracy is the perfect example.

If We the People are the “mob rulers” in a Direct Democracy. Representatives are the “mob rulers” in Representative Democracy.

ANY Democracy only works in the absence of corruption.

Transparency and Accountability defeat corruption.

The answer to obtain a Transparent and Accountable, TRUE Democratic government is very simple a combination of the two with the best interest of We the People as the primary goal.


Citizens Democracy is a form of democracy that combines Representative Democracy with the elements of Direct Democracy while preserving the Republic. This form of governing allows the representatives to represent the people in government with complete citizen oversight. Codifying the Initiative, Referendum and Recall ballot initiative processes to be applied and regulated equally to the representatives and We the People puts the citizens in the democratic process without any radically disruptive change to our existing government or the way we do business


The people have NO say in the decision making process our elected officials use to ratify (enact) legislation. These processes are called Initiative, Referendum & Recall part of the Ballot Initiative process. The legislation that dictates what we pay to run our government (budget issues). 

What statutes we have to live under and conduct our business with.  

What we can do on our own property and what we cannot do (ordinances).


Our elected officials have all the power to propose NEW LAWS about ANYTHING they deem necessary. They are bound by the US Constitution and their oaths of office to use this power in the best interest of We the People. 

They are not fulfilling that requirement!

What are they fulfilling? They are acting in the best interest of their own personal political and partisan aspirations.

HOW are they getting away with it? 

They accept money for their own campaigns/partisan interests from big corporations, lobby groups and special interest groups. In return they enact legislation that is in the best interest of the big corporations, lobby groups and special interest groups. Groups concerned with nothing more than gaining as much wealth as they can horde. 

Representatives get huge monetary kick backs from the financial windfall big Corporations gain by having the representative financially beholden to them. These kickbacks often are laundered back into the representatives bank accounts thru lucrative “Book Deals” The representative / corporate relationship has become a priority over the citizen / representative relationship.

Double standards in enforcement of laws: recently 4 senators sold stocks on privileged information gleaned from government briefings. We permit those in office charged with violations to resign rather than place them before a judge for full responsibility. Even Obama Care had provisions where congressional personnel and their staff were exempt from restriction the rest of us are forced endure. 

There is NO incentive to enact the will of the people when there is NO TRANSPARENCY and Accountability. Our representatives are free to do everything in their power to enact legislation to protect this corrupt system making them wealthy career politicians. All the while We the People look for a 3rd job to put food on our tables.

In order to keep this corrupt system alive it depends on certain elements. Secrecy, Centralization, Control. 


Through control of the laws that dictate the Governments day to day business.

 Allowing those in office unlimited authority to creating law that blocks or severely infringes the citizen’s ability to propose, repeal and replace laws.

 Use of the ballot initiative process by the citizens has certain imposed requirements and restrictions for proposed legislation before it can be approved by the local government to be put on the ballot to be voted on by the people.

Restrictively high number of signatures in the petition phase required to determine public support for the initiative. When an initiative is for a candidate who is constitutionally qualified, signature gathering for ballot access should be waived.

Subject of the initiative will often be misleading in order to disguise hidden agendas.


They attack the requirements of the process

They use the very process guaranteed to us by our forefathers to defend ourselves against an oppressive government.


Elected officials in the 26 states and Washington, DC, that currently allow citizen participation use the I&R process to write and pass legislation that sets unreasonable limits to what geographical districts a certain amount of signatures must can come from.

 They place high percentages of required signatures needed 5% is normal for non constitutional amendment initiatives. 10% for any initiative that would amend a state or the US Constitution.

Subject Matter

 They will “add legislative language” to limit the proposed state and national amendments (amendments are another form of a ballot initiative) to exclude any “budget issues” removing the citizen from participating in TAX legislation decision making process.

Deceptive Language.

 Written in confusing language as to disguise the true intention of the law. Used to pass otherwise controversial laws.

Our elected representatives use every I&R tool at their disposal to combat legislation in favor of the Initiative Referendum and Recall processes FOR We the People. 


Simply put they would no longer be able to gain financially by stealing ” lucrative book deals”, “speaking fees” money meant for other countries in need, our own social programs and our own pockets!


FYI: you will notice the eastern states for the most part are void of I&R whereas the west is predominately with I&R with a blend in the mid west. This is a result of easterners settling the west desire to ensure they had control over government they did not have in the east, such as cronyism, taxes, strong armed elections, and abusive legislation.   

Citizens In Charge Foundation

Citizens in Charge is a 501 (c) (4) citizen-powered advocacy organization that serves as a partner to Citizens in Charge Foundation in protecting and expanding the initiative and referendum process.


This page covers changes to ballot measure campaign activities, elections, procedures, and policies made in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Covered changes include, but are not limited to:

Initiative & referendum Institute

The Initiative and Referendum Institute at the University of Southern California is a non-partisan educational organization dedicated to the study of the initiative and referendum, the two most important processes of direct democracy.


“There is no power in the world that can stop the forward march of free men and women when they are joined in the solidarity of human brotherhood.”

Walter Reuther


Democracy's Warriors

The National Citizens Initiative for Democracy, the predecessor of the Citizen's Democracy Initiative adds an additional check –– the People –– to our system of checks and balances, while setting up a governing partnership between the People and their elected representatives.
The Citizens Amendment (366 words, 6 paragraphs).
The Citizens Legislative Procedures Act (4,927 words, 59 paragraphs)
Mike Gravel
US Senator AK
As Registered Voters and Citizens of this,The Great County of Baldwin; We must All Strive to hold Our Elected Officials Responsible to uphold the Duties of the Office in which They have been Elected by Us, The Voters. From Our Own Personal Communities / Municipalities, County, State, and Federal Levels. We The People, Expect Nothing Less from Our Leaders than; HONESTY, INTEGRITY, TRANSPARENCY, and Above All, ACCOUNTABILITY!
Frank Dillman Sr.
Our mission has NO candidate nor party affiliation. Our sole interest is expanding the process our government uses to write and pass laws to include citizen participation/oversight. Citizen participation in government brings with it TRANSPARENCY. Transparency provides the element lacking in our government OVERSIGHT. Oversight provides ACCOUNTABILITY. Lastly Accountability is a NAME on the blame line!
Nick Greco
Advocates for Direct Democracy

We need people

We propose a change to the Initiative, Referendum and Recall legislation, otherwise known as the Ballot Initiative Process. In brief our Citizen’s Democracy initiative would add legislation to include the people in the process. Citizens would have the same powers elected representatives have to propose, repeal or replace legislation and recall corrupt elected officials prior to the end of their terms.

By including We The People in the process, we remove the opportunity for corruption and gain the transparency lacking in representative government while preserving the republic.

The Citizen’s Democracy Initiative is an amendment which can be adopted at the federal level or any State Constitution.

Add your voice TODAY! Together we can gain the Ballot Initiative, Referendum & Recall tools we need to effect the legislation we need to democratically support ANY movement We the People have the will to fight for.

The Coalition Network