Who We Are

The Direct Democracy Coalition

Our mission has NO Candidate nor party affiliation. Our sole interest is expanding the process our government uses to write and pass laws to include citizen participation/oversight through the Initiative, Referendum &Recall processes .
Citizen participation in government brings with it TRANSPARENCY. Transparency provides the element lacking in our government OVERSIGHT. Oversight provides ACCOUNTABILITY. Lastly Accountability is a NAME on the blame line! Our government is NOT broken beyond repair. Representative Democracy is NOT the problem, corrupt career politicians ARE! Corruption cannot survive in a transparent environment.

What We Do

Our mission IS dedicated to bringing the “people power” of all Direct Democracy advocates and organizations together in one cohesive voice. The Direct Democracy Coalition is made up of organizations and activists that aim to protect and expand the initiative and referendum processes. One of the organization’s goals is to provide otherwise non existent checks and balances on the power of the representative to propose and pass legislation which conflicts with the will of the people. Educating people on what the Initiative, Referendum and Recall process are and how citizens can use them.


Why We Do It

The rights we were given by the fore fathers to prevent an oppressive government are slowly being regulated out of our reach. Of the 26 states that allow I&R by the people it is plagued with intentionally restrictive statutes. There are statutes which make it difficult to gather the required amount of signatures. Restrictions are put on districts where signatures have to come from. Some states allow I&R to include budgets while other states provide restrictions which may include initiatives for budgets. The biggest fear of corruption is to have the people you are representing watching over your shoulder. Without the oversight I&R provides We the People, we are not citizens, we are subjects.